Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter 1

Tonight we are honoring one of our community's finest citizens. He has been an important member in our business world and has donated over $10,000 dollars to international and local charities. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you tonight's honoree, Jacques Cartes. I hear the applause. I love the applause. Yes, cheer louder. I am a big deal. Walking up the stairs, I can feel the lights shine on me. I live for those lights. I absorb the heat and turn it outward so they love me more. I'll just stand here and bask in the glory of what is my life. "Thank you, thank you to all. You are too kind. I want to take this moment to thank the one person who has made my life as amazing as it could get. Without you, I am nothing. Here is to my lovely wife, Ruth Cartes. And here is to all of you." She didn't even smile. She knows what to do and how to act. Fire now burns inside of me.

"Dammit!" I left the keys at home again. I'm halfway to work and I have to go all the way back. If that woman hadn't gotten in my way, I wouldn't be in this predicament. Why must she always anger me? It seems that's all she loves to do is make. me. tick.

"Open up! Open the door! Open right down!" Bang.. Bang.. Kick! "Ruth! Ruth! Where are you! Where are you! Get here this second!" She's going to get it. She's going to get it. Racing room to room, I feel the sun glaring down on me. The fuel to my fire. I pound harder, and run faster. Room after room after room, I come up with nothing. My house is a mess. All because this bitch won't answer me. Who the fuck does she think I am? I am Jacques Cartes. I am not to be messed with. I give her everything. Everything. And what does she do? She can't even give me a son. Stupid, dirty... "Ruth, darling, why are you hiding in the closet? Why are you trembling, dear? Why didn't you answer me!"

"Good morning, Jean. Sorry I'm running behind. I had to go back home and look for something."
"It's not a problem Mr. Cartes."
"Ah ok great. Are there any messages for me?"
"Yes only one from your wife. She said you left your keys again."
"Oh darn it. I always lose my keys. Well, I'll be in my office if you need me."
"Alright, sir."

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