Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter 3

"Aye what's up Jacques, what you doin' around here"
I walked past D.J. and went straight up to the third floor. I was here for business and business only. 13B. Here was the door. BANG BANG BANG "MARQUIS OPEN UP THE DOOR!," I yelled. These visits were getting to happen a lot more frequently for me and I was tired of having to make them after my days at the office. "MARQ-...," I stopped yelling once I saw a young boy open the door. He looked as if he were only 7. "Marquis isn't here, please come by another time," said the boy as he tried to close the door. "Nice try boy," I said and pushed open the door. "QUIS! I KNOW YOU'RE HERE! GET OUT HERE! GET OUT HERE NOW!" The apartment- if you want to call it that- was dark and smelled of weed. That's all this nigga ever does. There were dirty clothes piled in the hallway leading to the two back rooms. The boy had gone to the couch to watch television but I felt his fearful eyes glance at me from the corner of his eyes. My eyes soon adjusted to dim light and I found myself in the midst of nothing but dust and garbage. "Go get Quis boy," I said without looking. The boy quickly got up and ran to the bedroom on the left. "Quis, please come out. Please come out Quis." Sorry as nigga, got his little brother coverin for him and shit. Sorry ass. A moment passed, and I saw him. 6'6, dark and built with muscle from football, Quis had grown up from the scrawny neighborhood boy that used to annoy the hell out of me when I came over to talk to Ruth. Ruth. My mind snapped to the business I was about to handle.
"What the fuck you want Jacques. I'm getting tired of seein yo face 'round here."
"You know why the fuck I'm here. Where's that bitch hidin?"
"Don't call here a bitch"
"I'll call her whatever the fuck I want"
He moved in to hit me but stopped once I pulled out the gun.
The boy ran to the back.
"Where. is. that bitch."
He stood posted up but I could tell he had resigned his defense.
"I don't know."
I put the gun back on my hip.
"Tell her I stopped by."
He said nothing. I walked out.
D.J. did nothing but glance my way as I walked back outside into the rain. As I got into my car, I looked back up to apartment 13B and saw her face look down at me. When she locked eyes with me, the curtains shut. Business handled, I thought and drove to the bar to meet Mary.

It's been 6 months since that bitch burnt down my home. 6 months of re-building from scratch all that I worked for all my life. My home was a representation of all my year's hustlin out of nowhere to become the powerful man my dad told me I would never become. "You're a nigga from nowhere and neva goin' anywhere," was all my dad ever said to me. I ain't no punk ass bitch that wanted daddy's approval but to have a man that everyone feared, everyone hated, everyone kneel down to his command, say that to me only made me want to become even more feared, even more hated and have everything livin bow down to me. It was all a dream and then that dumb bitch burnt it all down. I gave that hoe everything she wanted and this is how she re-paid me; burnin down my house just because she couldn't live up to my standards. But I know not everything in that house turned into ashes...

I step out the car in run inside The Bar before the rain could get all over my jacket. "You're usual, Jacques?," Tom asks me. "Yeah. Where's Mary?," I ask looking around the place filled with nothing but beaten down old men downing their miserable lives in the form of a bottle of Jack. "She's in the back. I'll let her know you're here." I down my drink before Mary even reaches me.
"Did she give you the papers?," she asks.
"No, but it won't be long."
"You think? It's been, what, 5 6 months, I don't know any woman who could go through everything you've done over something that means nothing to her."
"It means everything to her because it means everything to me. She wants to make me suffer. She's only hurting herself."
"I guess, I would think her and Demonte would have- never mind. Are you ready to go?," she says quickly.
"Yeah, get your stuff."
I know what she was about to say. They would have ran off by now, if I hadn't gotten D.J. laid off his job making it impossible for him to pay all his debts. And that bitch won't show her face. By the time he is even considered for a job around here, I'll have everything I need from both of them. Mary re-appears, "OK, lets go." We walk outside and notice the ambulance still cleaning up after the accident. Dumbass boxer. We get into the car and head to my new home. On the way I notice a strange limo parked in the back behind that nasty ass Vietnamese restaurant Vietnamese restaurant. What the fuck is going on there? I turned to see what was going on until "Honey, I really want to go home." The only reason I listened to her was because I was worn out to. I'll just get Johnny to check it out and continued on my way home.

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