Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chapter 6

I finally reach the office. When I get out, I can no longer smell the pie and I no longer think of that bitch. I'm here to make my money and go home to figure out how to get those papers. I dial John, he'll do anything for a quick thousand.
"John. I got a job for you."
"Whaddya need Bossman?" he says eagerly.
"I need you to follow D.J. around again. I haven't gotten what I need and I have a feeling he's the one who has it."
"No problem boss."
"Oh and John, do not be found out. No one needs to know anything about this. If I hear one thing from my sources that you have someone following your tail, you get nothing."
"I'm on it."

I enter the building and head to the elevators. I press the button that will take me to the 6th floor. The elevator takes me up, I contemplate my next move. I've been saving Mary for when things got desperate and after this afternoon run-in, it is now the right time to strike.

I exit and head to my office.

"You have a message on line 4, Mr. Cartes."
"Thanks, Denise."

The hours go by. I am no longer thinking of the papers, or that bitch or her bitch boy. I am focused; driven by the money that I'm making each hour I spend in this place. No one could ever do this job better than me. Any idiot could build a building, that is simple. But the time it takes to plot... to plan... to construct a work of art, that takes a true genius. The minutes that turn into hours, the hours that fade into days, those days turn into months, the months that turn into years and soon one day you wake up and realize, this job... has become an obsession. When I first started out at Jones&Johns, I just wanted to be successful. What I didn't know was the rush of power that surges through my body every time I saw my structures be brought into the world. They stood firm, tall, strong above the rest; and soon I became one with them. Soon, Jones was asking me to build more and more all around the cities; I was being built up to be greater than I ever was before. But Ruth didn't understand.. no one truly did. "Its just a job, Jacques," she would say, "I do not understand how you have become so obsessed." Then the fights came, only they were different than before because I was now different than before. I had become like a building; tall, powerful, made of cold, hard steel. Sitting at the top alone did nothing but made me more confident in my power, but of course that is when people begin to take your spot. I was no longer weak; as long as I am alive, I will never let anyone take my place. I would do anything in my power to crush them. And that is what I did.

Then the papers were drawn up.

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